Sunday, May 14, 2017

Taken by Brock Eastman-4.5 stars

Eastman, Brock D. Taken (Quest for Truth, #1). 8.37 hrs. Crimson Pulse Media, 2017. $19.95. Audible Download

After their archaeologist parents are kidnapped by the government, Oliver and his siblings, Tiffany, Austin, and Mason, head to a remote planet, Dar Isis, to discover what their parents were investigating. A planet about to be plunged into a very long winter, time is of the essence. When Mason and Austin get kidnapped by the natives while Tiffany and Oliver are out looking for someone, things start to look grim for the Wikk family. Can the four be reunited before time runs out? Can they save their parents? What were their parents looking into?

Narrator, L.C. Kane’s unique voices bring to life each well developed, intriguing character. The narrative style is smooth and keeps up with the pacing of the novel with ease. The plot is well developed, mysterious, and draws the reader into Oliver’s world. The characters are likable and add humor to this science fiction adventure. Fans of Star Wars, adventure, action, and science fiction will enjoy listening to this book. 

Grades 5 to 9, 4.5 stars

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tell the Wind and Fire by Sarah Reese Brennan-3 stars

Brennan, Sarah Rees, Tell The Wind and Fire. 8CDs. 9.52 hrs. Dreamscape Media, 2016. $39.99. Audible Download

In a world divided by light and dark magic, Lucie lives between two worlds. Her father a light magician, her mother a light magician born to dark, their love was forbidden. When Lucie’s mother gets murdered by the light guards and her father was put in the death cages, she managed to get her father free, but unknowingly became a symbol for the revolution. Now the dark magicians known as the San Merci, 2 years later, are starting a bloody revolution in her name. Torn between the man she loves, Ethan Striker and the revolution that wants him dead, can Lucie enact change without costing herself her boyfriend?

Narrator, Lisa Larsen does a great job of bringing to life Lucie’s world with unique voices and great narrative pace. The secondary characters, however are a bit under developed and their motives feel forced. The plot is well developed, but extremely far-fetched, even for a fantasy. I’d definitely listen to this narrator again, but probably won’t listen to a sequel in this series. If listeners are die-hard, dark fantasy fans, you might enjoy listening to this audiobook. 

3 stars, Grades 8 to 12

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pete's Dragon by Elizabeth Rudnick-4 Stars

Rudnick, Elizabeth, Pete’s Dragon: The Lost Years. 3 CDs. 4.48 hrs. Blackstone Audio, 2016. $19.95. Audible Download.

After a young boy named Pete’s family is killed in a car wreck and he gets chased by wolves, Pete is saved by Elliott, a green, almost dog-like dragon. Over 6 years, the two become the best of friends. When a large storm separates the two and Elliott gets hurt, can Pete find his friend and become the hero?

Narrator, Alan Sklar does a great job of bringing to life Pete’s world. His unique voices for Pete and Elliott is fun and engages the reader. The plot is simplistic, but makes the listeners fall in love with the quirky characters. Fans of Pete’s Dragon will enjoy listening to this audiobook. 

4 stars, Grades 3 to 7