Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nooks and Crannies by Jessica Lawson-4 stars

Lawson, Jessica, Nooks and Crannies. 6 CDs, 7:27 hrs. Dreamscape Media, 2015. Mp3 download.

Source: Review Copy

Tabitha Crum has always wondered what it would be like to be loved. Forced to be her parents’ servant, her only companion is her mouse, Pemberley. It hardly comes as a surprise when her parents announce their moving to Spain that she’s not invited. With no future or hopes of becoming an inspector for Scotland Yard, Tabitha is excited to get invited to the reclusive Countess Camilla DeMoss’s house for the weekend.  There, the countess claims that she is looking for her estranged heir. After the heir’s parents were killed in a drowning accident, the child was adopted out to be never seen again. She isn’t, however, sure which of the 6 children it is and is using the weekend to figure it out. Things, however, aren’t always what they seem. As the kids are left alone with the Countess, the woman’s personality seems to take a 180. Mysteries regarding murders, ghosts, a mysterious heir, hidden nooks and crannies, and disappearing children are but a few that Tabitha will have to solve if she wants to survive the weekend. Will she solve the mysteries before it’s too late? Could she be the long-lost heir? Who really is the Countess?

Narrator, Susan Riddell’s intonations are unique and easily bring to life the characters in Lawson’s novel. Her narrative style complements Lawson’s story and adds depth to the plot. Although the adult characters seem unbelievable, they have a similar feel to Roald Dahl’s loveable. The kid characters are fun and engaging and add a level of humor to the novel. Plot is well-developed and has lots of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing what will happen next. Fans of Roald Dahl, Barbara Brooks Wallace, mysteries, and adventure will enjoy reading this book.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda M. Lee-4.5 stars

Lee, Amanda M., Any Witch Way You Can. 6.13 hrs. 2015. Audible Download.

Source: Review Copy

Growing up a Winchester in Hemlock Cove can be challenging. Not only are you a witch and have special powers, but family dinners can get a bit heated. Bay, as the only journalist in town, goes to the opening of Hemlock Cove’s corn maze opening and bites off more than she bargained for. With a dead body and another expected, it’s up to Bay to figure out why some is ritualistically killing people. With the help of the town’s police chief, Terry, her loud family, and a mysterious new biker in town to help, will Bay be able to solve the case? Will she solve the murders before the killers target her?

Narrator, Aris, easily bring to life the unique, original characters of Lee’s books. The main characters are entertaining, engaging, and fun to follow throughout the book. Aris’ intonations are unique and easily transition between internal, ghostly, and external dialogues. Her narrative style is complementary of Lee’s writing.  Although some of the secondary characters seem one-dimensional at first, their personalities come out more as the book goes on. The plot is well developed, suspenseful, and draws the reader easily into Bay’s world.  Listeners who enjoy paranormal humor and mystery will have a hard time putting this audiobook down.
4.5 stars, ADULT

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ripped From the Pages by Kate Carlisle-4.5 stars

Carlisle, Kate, Ripped From the Pages. 8 CDs.  9:36 hrs. Dreamscape Media, 2015. $59.99. 9781681410739

Source: Review Copy

Brooklyn Wainwright has a tendency to find dead bodies. While attending the groundbreaking for a her parents’ commune’s wine-tasting cave, Brooklyn discovers a dead body. This time the body is over 70 years old. With the body is a treasure trove of valuable paintings and keepsakes that date back to WWII. An old mystery, however, soon turns deadly One of the commune’s oldest members, Trudy, is almost killed. She has no memory of who her assailant was or how Amelia, her friend and protector, wound up dead saving her. With time running out and someone desperate to keep the past buried, it’s up to Brooklyn and her boyfriend, Derek, to solve the case. Will Brooklyn solve the two mysteries? Will Trudy remember who attacked her? Who is trying to keep the past buried?

Narrator, Susie Berneis’ narrative style is unique and engaging. Her intonations easily distinguish and bring to life Carlisle’s dynamic characters. The plot is well developed, suspenseful, and has a good pace. The narration complements the plot well and brings to life Brooklyn’s world. Although it is possible to listen to this book without having finished the 8 prequels, it is recommended that listeners listen to them in order. This is a great listen for mystery, amateur sleuths, and clean romance fans. 

Please note: This audiobook was received in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 stars, ADULT

Monday, August 3, 2015

Online Book Club

Just a note: In addition to reviewing audiobooks, I have also begun to review books for the Online Book Club. If you're interested in having in having your book reached by a wide range of people from all over, please visit: In addition to offering book reviews, they also have ways to track books you've read, talk with fellow book lovers, and a chance to be a participate in a monthly book club discussion.