Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year Storywalk

Our library has discovered a fun little passive program our patrons enjoy. It's called a story walk. This is probably the 12th storywalk we've done since Summer Reading started last year. How it works is we get permission from the publisher to display pages of a picture book up around the library for the kids to read. When they're done, they come up to the Information Desk to get a prize. It makes for a great passive program and our staff members seem to enjoy it. We always have a little something they have to do at the end of the walk to get their small treat or prize.

Welcome to My Blog!

This a blog dedicated to storytime fans, library junkies, and booklovers everywhere. Some will be about my crazy library day, storytime I've done, and book reviews. Others may just be random stuff. I'm not sure how regular I'll be at posting, but I'll try. Feel free to comment and say hello!