Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Joe Ledger: Special Ops by Jonathan Maberry-4.5 stars

Maberry, Jonathan, Joe Ledger:  Special Ops. (Unbar.) 8.41 hrs. Blackstone Audio, 2014. Audible Download.

This collection of short stories follows the missions of Joe Ledger, leader of a Special Ops team called Echo Team. A former Army Ranger and cop, Joe’s job is to train his high turnover rate of team members, track down terrorists, and take them down in order to make the world safer. In this collection of stories, however, Joe has his work cut out for him. One group of terrorists has created a virus that makes people zombies, one group of mad scientists uses transgenics to create animal/human hybrids. Behind many of the problems: a group known as Red Knights. Purposely causing themselves to be more like vampires, this group of terrorists is not only being hunted by Joe, but also Arc Light, a quasi-terrorist group of the Knight’s former captives bent on taking the vampires down. With this latest series of events, has Joe and his team taken on more than they can handle?

The author does a great job of balancing action, heartbreak, and internal dialogue. Narrator, Ray Porter is a great complement to Jonathan Maberry’s book. His voice is engaging and brings to life the unique characters and their emotions as well as help readers to connect their personalities between short stories. His crisp narrative style vividly portrays Joe Ledger’s world and makes it easier for the suspension of disbelief. Although each story is a separate plot, the overall portrayal of what Joe does is well-done and keeps the listener’s interest. People who like spy novels, military science fiction, action, and adventure will enjoy listening to this audiobook. 

 4.5 stars, ADULT