Saturday, February 14, 2015

Impersonator by Mary Miley-4 stars

Miley, Mary, Impersonator. 9 CDs. 11 hrs. (unbar.) Blackstone Audio, 2013. Audible download.

In 1917, at the age of 14, Jessie Carr disappeared never to be seen again. Seven years later, a man named Oliver mistakes orphan Leah for his missing niece. He offers Leah a proposition: use your striking resemblance to convince the Carrs you’re the missing heiress and he’ll split the million dollars of inheritance with her. After losing her job, Leah is forced to take him up on the offer, Jessie seems to know stuff about Jessie’s past that she shouldn’t. To make matters worse, something isn’t right about Jessie’s cousins Leah goes to stay with. Her suspicions deepen when one of Jessie’s acquaintances mentions in passing Jessie’s final note saying that one of Jessie’s cousins tried to kill her. What really happened to Jessie? Could Leah really be Jessie? Will Leah survive to claim her prize?

Narrator, Tavia Gilbert masterfully captures the personality and voice of Jessie/Leah. She easily draws the reader into the story with her use of different voices and clear, distinct voice. Intriguing, well-written plot with lots of twists and turns, Mary Miley weaves a tale that is, although not fast-paced, a page turner nonetheless. Although the secondary characters are not quite as developed, her main character is likeable, mysterious, and intriguing. Perfect for fans of mysteries, historical fiction, and suspense/thrillers. Recommended for most library collections. 

4 stars, ADULT.