Friday, February 1, 2013

Child Pirate by Susan Troutt

Troutt, Susan, The Child Pirate. Author House, 2006. Pgs. 275. 3.5 stars

After being abandoned by his mother, Briney MacDougal was raised aboard his father’s pirate ship. After his father raided a ship, the treasure was brought on board to be divided up. Attracted a certain pouch, Briney snatches it from the pile before anyone else can take it. Unfortunately, one person, Henry Williams, did notice and he wants the pouch. When his father stops off at an island in the Carribbean Island, Briney discovers the secret map to finding a hidden treasure and the pouch is linked to it. Henry Williams is willing to kill to get the map. Can Briney outsmart Henry and get the treasure before it’s too late?

The characters are a little one-dimensional, but are likable have unique qualities. The plot is filled with mystery and has a lot of action. Readers who like pirates, treasure, and high stakes novels will enjoy reading this book.

Grades 5 to 9, 3.5 stars