Monday, November 28, 2016

Elite by Mercedes Lackey-5 stars

Lackey, Mercedes, Elite. 9 CDs. 10:11 hrs.  Blackstone Audio, 2016. $34.95. Audible Download.

 In a world overrun by monsters from fairy tales called OtherSiders, Joy is an elite hunter. She is powerful due to her 11 hounds that help her to harness her power. Taking off where Hunter left off, Joy is asked by her uncle to patrol the tunnels beneath the city and keep him updated on anything she finds down there. Soon, she starts finding dead Psyman in the tunnels. During a battle, her archenemy, Ace, escapes from Army custody. To make matters worse, the OtherSiders’ numbers seem to be growing and getting harder to defeat. Are these three situations connected? Can Joy and the other hunters figure out how to keep the city safe without alerting the cits (city dwellers)?

Narrator, Amy Landon uses her vast experience to bring to life Joy’s world. Her unique intonations brings depth to each character’s personalities while giving them each a distinct voice. Her navigation of the complex, well developed plot and subplots is masterfully done. Lackey’s writing style combines all the element of mystery, fantasy, and adventure in an engaging way without losing a beat. Pacing is fast and action-packed. Fans of Lackey’s books or those who like fantasy adventures will enjoy listening to this book. 

5 stars, Grades 7 to 12

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Keepers of the Books: Weekly Reads 4

My sister, Jessica and I started our own YouTube. For additional titles to check out: try it out!