Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crossing Danger by Colleen Helme-5 stars

Helme, Colleen, Crossing Danger. 9. 31 hrs. (unbar.) Colleen Helme, 2015. $19.95. Audible Download.

Source: Review Copy
Despite trying to stay out of trouble, Shelby is drowning in it. Her friend, Billie Jo, asks for Shelby’s help uncovering a corruption in the District Attorney’s office. When burglars are sent to steal her flash drive, Billie gets roughed up so bad she nearly dies. Unfortunately, the corruption doesn’t stop there. When her friend’s niece, Chloe, goes missing, things take an interesting turn when the girl shows up at Shelby’s house. After witnessing a double murder done by a corrupt cop, Chloe turns to Shelby for help and the two cases are linked. When an FBI agent from Uncle Joey’s past comes in to solve the two cases, it becomes pretty clear that Shelby is Crossing Danger at every turn. Can Shelby solve the cases and come out alive?  How do all the pieces of the cases fit together?
 Narrator, Wendy Tremont King is a great complement to Colleen Helme’s book. Her unique intonations bring to life Colleen’s well developed characters and Shelby’s world. The character dynamics were even more developed in this book and added a lot of humor to the story. The plot is complex, engaging, and keeps the reader guessing what’s going to happen next. The author’s mix of action, mystery, romance, and adventure was well done and extremely entertaining.  The author expertly switches between internal and external dialogue and King   smoothly handles them with a mixture of humor and pizzazz. Readers who have read the other books in the Shelby Nichols adventures won’t be disappointed. Newcomers to the Shelby scene will be able to easily pick up on the story line, but it is recommended people at least read the one before this, because it builds on the last book. Recommended for anyone who enjoys a fun, paranormal mystery with a bit of romance intermixed.
5 stars, ADULT

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg-4.5 stars

Holmberg, Charlie N. Paper Magician. 7.25 hrs. Brilliance Audio, 2014. $52.97. Audible download. 

Ceony Twil’s life changed forever when an anonymous donor paid for her tuition to Tagis Praff, an elite magician training school. She’s disappointed, however, when her dream job of becoming a Smelter comes to naught. Short on paper magician and a natural at most magics, Ceony is pushed into apprenticing with Emery Thane. Things get cut short, however, when a person from Thane’s past, his ex-wife Lira, excises his heart. Running against time, it’s up to Ceony to retrieve his heart and defeat the excisioner before Thane dies. With little practical knowledge of paper folding and combat, can Ceony defeat one of the most feared people?
Narrator, Amy McFadden does a great job of bringing to life Ceony's and the other character's voices with her unique, versatile narrative style. The plot is well developed, engaging, and keeps a fairly fast pace despite its historical setting. The characters are likable and humorous. The dynamics between them are enjoyable and McFadden easily navigates their dialogue. Readers who like to get to know the characters well will appreciate the mix of action adventure with the more serious matters of the heart. Although some of the battles with Lira drag on a bit, the humor and action mixed in make up for it. Recommended for those readers who like an action-packed, historical fantasy adventure.

4.5 out of 5 stars, ADULT