Thursday, April 11, 2013

Magic Everthing: Lightning Pen by John Buckley-3.5 stars

Buckley, John, Magic Everything: Lightning Pen. Amazon Digital Services, 2012. Pgs. 267.

When their little sister, Darcy, is kidnapped by an enemy of their bedridden father, Thirsty and Thomas set out on an adventure filled with magic, danger, bat people bent on killing them, and ice cream. Can Thirsty and Thomas save their sister, Darcy before it’s too late?
A funny, action-filled adventure for fantasy fans. The text could use a good edit. There’s a lot of typos and grammar errors that detract from the novel. The story is a little confusing in parts and could use some more chapter breaks, but is entertaining and is fairly well-written. The characters are likable and enjoyable to follow in their adventures. Readers who like magic, witches, flying creatures, and a whole new world to imagine will enjoy reading this book.  

Grades 4 to 8, 3.5 stars,