Sunday, June 26, 2016

Murder al Fresco by Jennifer L. Hart-5 stars

Hart, Jennifer L., Murder al Fresco. 6.28 hrs. Jennifer L. Hart, 2016. $19.95. Audible Download

Source: Purchased a copy
After her television cooking debut was sabotaged, Andy, aka “The Death Chef,’ Buckland longs to figure out who was behind it. Since moving back to her hometown, she’s rescued her family’s pasta shop, become engaged to her fiancĂ©, Malcolm, and reunited with her estranged daughter, ex-boyfriend, and father. All that will come in jeopardy, however, when Andy’s former mentor and boss asks her and Malcolm to look into a blogger who is trying to bring down the show known as the “Diced Showdown.” To top it off, a chef from the show gets murdered, Malcolm comes home from a business trip with an infant son, and someone starts sabotaging Andy once more. Will Andy be able to get control of her life again? Who is the saboteur? Are they also the murderer? 

Narrator, Suzanne Cerreta’s unique voices masterfully bring to life each character’s unique personalities and accents. Characters are well developed, likable, and humorous. Her smooth intonations add depth to the author’s fast pace. The plot is well developed, engaging, and full of twists and turns. Impossible to put down, this is a must listen for anyone who likes humorous mysteries. It is recommended that people read/listen to the first two in the series, but it is not necessary. 

5 stars, ADULT

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Zero Day by Jan Gangsei-5 stars

Gangsei, Jan, Zero Day. Blackstone Audio, 2016. 8 CDs. 9:3 hrs. $105. Audible Download.

Source: Copy in exchange for honest review
When she was 8, Addie Webster was kidnapped and disappeared without a trace. Now 16, Addie has returned. She claims she escaped from her captors. After her childhood friend and national security advisor, Darrow Ferguson, gets called in to monitor Addie’s return to her family. As the two become re-acquainted with each other, however, it becomes clear that she has an ulterior mission. Is Addie really a terrorist threat?

Narrator, Andi Arndt’s intriguing, dynamic voice brings Addie and Darrow’s characters and world to life. The plot is intriguing, fast paced, engaging, and well developed. Arndt easily navigates the twists and turns while drawing the reader into the story. The author masterfully intermixes action, thriller, and mystery together. With characters who aren’t what they seem and enchant the reader with their likable personalities, but intriguing characters, fans of action thriller fiction will enjoy reading this book. 

Grades 7 to 12, 5 stars