Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pete's Dragon by Elizabeth Rudnick-4 Stars

Rudnick, Elizabeth, Pete’s Dragon: The Lost Years. 3 CDs. 4.48 hrs. Blackstone Audio, 2016. $19.95. Audible Download.

After a young boy named Pete’s family is killed in a car wreck and he gets chased by wolves, Pete is saved by Elliott, a green, almost dog-like dragon. Over 6 years, the two become the best of friends. When a large storm separates the two and Elliott gets hurt, can Pete find his friend and become the hero?

Narrator, Alan Sklar does a great job of bringing to life Pete’s world. His unique voices for Pete and Elliott is fun and engages the reader. The plot is simplistic, but makes the listeners fall in love with the quirky characters. Fans of Pete’s Dragon will enjoy listening to this audiobook. 

4 stars, Grades 3 to 7

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