Sunday, May 14, 2017

Taken by Brock Eastman-4.5 stars

Eastman, Brock D. Taken (Quest for Truth, #1). 8.37 hrs. Crimson Pulse Media, 2017. $19.95. Audible Download

After their archaeologist parents are kidnapped by the government, Oliver and his siblings, Tiffany, Austin, and Mason, head to a remote planet, Dar Isis, to discover what their parents were investigating. A planet about to be plunged into a very long winter, time is of the essence. When Mason and Austin get kidnapped by the natives while Tiffany and Oliver are out looking for someone, things start to look grim for the Wikk family. Can the four be reunited before time runs out? Can they save their parents? What were their parents looking into?

Narrator, L.C. Kane’s unique voices bring to life each well developed, intriguing character. The narrative style is smooth and keeps up with the pacing of the novel with ease. The plot is well developed, mysterious, and draws the reader into Oliver’s world. The characters are likable and add humor to this science fiction adventure. Fans of Star Wars, adventure, action, and science fiction will enjoy listening to this book. 

Grades 5 to 9, 4.5 stars

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